Google Ads Garbage Heap

Is Google Ads Wasting Millions of Small Business Ad Spend Dollars?

Is Google Ads squandering millions of dollars by stealing from unaware business owners worldwide with a single revision of its platform?

Did you know that Google Ads recently began limiting the display placements that can be excluded? Placement exclusions protect you from low-quality ad placements outside your targeted locations.

There has never been a limit until just a couple of weeks ago.

In the Optimizer Handbook, we recommend excluding 100,000+ garbage placements that you do not need.

In the Optimizer Handbook Download Bundle, the companion to the Optimizer Handbook, we offer quick copy-paste lists to make this process as fast and easy as possible.


Quick Copy Paste Location Lists

These exclusions are no longer easily customized to stop the placement of your ads on low-quality websites.

Did you know scammers and fraudsters developed websites specifically designed to serve ads called “Made-For-Advertising” as well as “Click Farms” the fraudulent sites are allowed by Google Ads and use up your ad spend dollars without consequence. Worse yet, Google Adsense pays them to do this without proper vetting.

There is even a website called that pays its users to watch videos and interact with display ads. This website is allowed by Google Ads. Why?

Why would Google allow this? Why would Google Ads restrict what you can exclude? Why would they limit a feature that has been unlimited since its inception? What benefit do they gain by making a change to the platform like this? Was this an oversight or a mistake? Does Google profit from this?

You decide.

Use the links above to manage your location exclusions as best you can. An interesting fact is that all accounts with pre-existing larger lists continue to have the protection.

Set your placement exclusions lists now before they become limited any further.

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